Friday, 15 February 2019

Short Film and Personal Work

I like to keep my creativity topped up by taking on various personal projects with both stills and video and currently I'm working on a short film which I've written and I'm taking some stills at the lovely Hook Norton Brewery for my personal portfolio.
Me and Cat in action in my short film

Writing the film has been great fun and although I'm not Clint Eastwood I'm enjoying trying to act (I've only got a small part to play!) and direct it too.

I'm shooting the film in 1080 rather than 4K as I've decided to use my Canon C100 because it is such a lovely camera to shoot with. I can't see Amazon snapping it up to show on 4K TV's anyway!.

The Hook Norton Brewery project is great fun too and I'm hoping to head back next week to finish off photographing the brewing process and to capture the Drey horses delivering the beer to the local pub which is a lovely tradition.

I'll post a set of pictures from the Brewey once they have been signed off by the marketing team there but they are looking good so far.

On a more commercial note we are now offering a great value startup social media package which consists of a day shooting video and stills for the great all in price of £700 plus VAT and travel.

We will shoot some video interviews with the business owner, some nice clean headshot portraits and some pack shots of their products if needed. This will give the customer a set of professionally created content to populate their social media for a few weeks.

Please let know if this is of interest to you or to someone you know.

Have a great weekend!


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