Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Where did the time go!

I thought I was keeping up with the blogging then before I knew what had happened 4 months have just flown past..

We have been very busy all summer including throughout the summer holiday which is traditionally a quiet time for us.

I can't list all the jobs we have had since the big gap as there are loads but we here's a breakdown of the best bits!.

We shot our first TV series for Showbiz TV on Sky 266 in the superb Price Studio's in Battersea which was a very busy but really enjoyable session. The show airs in October and when we get the date for the first showing we'll share it here on the blog.

David launched his print sales website and took part in an exhibition with some of his personal work which was a great success. He shot a series of documentary photographs on a local Asparagus farm showing the manual process of harvesting the crop.

Here's a link to the full set of pictures on our Flickr page - https://www.flickr.com/photos/redshiftphoto/albums/72157658400893623

Our video created for Historic Royal Palaces at Kensington Palace was signed off and has been very well received. It's one of our favourite video's to date and covers a one off experiment where period candles were made specially by hand to compare to modern day LED candle lamps. Here's the link to the video on our Vimeo channel - https://vimeo.com/182372902

We've had a couple of very enjoyable studio shoots with Dhaler Rowney who make lots of art supplies and we has great fun photographing vibrant paint swatches and brightly coloured tubes of paint.

We have also created some product instruction video's in the studio in Milton Keynes for Holophane Lighting and a new product promo video for DW Windsor at Price Studio's in London.

 Another shoot we really enjoyed was for AEG power tools on a large building site in London with art direction by The Canopy Co - a very exciting young creative agency who we love to work with.

Last week we did a fun photoshoot for a local HR company called Russell HR who have looked after our HR on a freelance basis for a few years (they are excellent!) and we took a selection of formal portraits and fun group shots as well as shooting some video content for their website and Youtube channel. If you need good HR advice check the website for some great tips - https://russellhrconsulting.co.uk/

Overall we are very lucky to be so busy and we would like to thank all our clients for their valued support and the continued business that comes our way.