Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Ritz and The Post Office Tower

We've just had another action packed week which culminated in a large awards video and photoshoot for the UK Cabinet Office on Thursday and our regular booking at The Ritz hotel in London.

Winner of a TW3 award
The Cabinet Office have an annual awards ceremony for the winners of their TW3 competition which sees the various Government departments entering their best agile working concepts for recognition. The days of people working 9-5 at the same desk day in day out are thankfully on the way out, and the TW3 program is all about helping people to develop a more flexible approach to work. We created a video and some stills to be played on the day before the awards began and we also photographed and video'd the event too. We had a crew of three and we used three Sony cameras to record the actual awards ceremony in the theatre with Jack running the show from the rear camera whilst watching a large monitor feed from the other two Sony's. We had a walkie talkie link up and Chris was operating the camera at the front near the stage. I took the still images and shot some B Roll on my 5d MK2.

Jack and Chris with two Sony's
We also had a Sony A7s MK2 and a set of LED panel lights set up outside to record interviews and again my trusty EOS 5d MK2 captured some B Roll and the stills.

On Friday I photographed the Philips Chairmans Awards at The Ritz which we are lucky to cover twice a year. The six best employees as voted for by their peers are invited to lunch at The Ritz with their partners, are treated to a suite for the night and show tickets too. I take the pictures and provide everyone with a leather bound album which captures their day.

We also had several client meetings last week which resulted in a few new booking for both stills and video, and we have just been commissioned to shoot for three days in Germany at the upcoming Light and Build show in Frankfurt.
One of the winners of the NHBC Supreme Award

We may well be off the Adu Dhabi too in April to the Lux Live show which will be a great experience. It will boost  the Airmiles a bit too!.

The previous Friday we had great fun shooting the Grand Finale of the NHBC Pride in the Job awards at the Intercontinental Hotel at Westminster Bridge in London. That was another long but rewarding day and the event went off really well. We are so lucky to have so many large clients and we do get spoiled on these super events!.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Well that's Christmas out of the way and we all feel refreshed here at Redshift Media Production after a good break. We started back last Tuesday and it was a really fantastic week back. We had a large project for the Cabinet Office signed off where we are videoing and photographing an upcoming event in London at the Post Office Tower. For this project we're using our Canon 5d MK2's and our Sony A7S2 for the roving footage and to capture interviews and we'll be using three Sony EX3 cameras to video the actual awards ceremony. We have a set of LED panel lights which can run off V lock batteries and these are perfect for lighting interviewees without having cables trailing everywhere.

We also had a smaller conference job confirmed where we'll use the 5d's to capture some interview and presentation footage for Havells Sylvania in London.

Two stills jobs were booked last week too including one at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford for Soraa lighting and another for corporate headshots in two office locations near Reading for a brand new client. All in all a pretty good week back at work.

Today I've taken a booking for a shoot at John Lewis in Birmingham so a good start to this week too.

Here's to a Happy New Year to all our friends and we hope you'll keep following our blog in 2016.