Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Pitt Rivers Museum, Portraits and a lot of video!

Hi everyone!. Another busy few days have flown past here at Redshift Media Production - I don't honestly know where the time has gone!.

Last Monday we had a lovely photo shoot in Oxford at the Pitt Rivers Museum where we were commissioned by Soraa to capture the quality of the lighting on the exhibits. Soraa are quite new to the UK market and they manufacture very high quality LED lamps that are designed to replace existing Low Voltage lamps in light fittings. This gives a considerable energy saving to the end user and also reduces the maintenance costs as the lamps last for 10 years or so. The colour rendering is also very good and the clarity of the light is superb.

Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford

We've been busy in the studio too photographing a new lighting fixture for Holophane and also shooting some green screen interviews for an internet TV channel.

Philips Healthcare Portrait
At the weekend we starting shooting a short indie film that we've written in house. It's always great to shoot something for fun and we spent a fun day on Saturday shooting the first couple of scenes for our film. We'll post a link to the finished movie once it's all in the can and edited. We're hoping to have it ready within a couple of months and we'll enter into lots of festivals.

We're photographing the Philips Lighting and Healthcare conference in a couple of weeks and I was called in this week to take some staff portraits on location in the office. These are going to be printed onto banners for the day. It was a really fun shoot - I love working with people and there was lots of energy coming from the people of volunteered to be snapped.