Sunday, 24 April 2016

Where did March go (and April for that matter!)

It's been so busy here at Redshift Media that I not only failed to post another update for March but I've almost missed April too!. The time is really flying right now and we've been travelling all over the world (literally) trying to keep up.

One of our rigs in use in Abu Dhabi
It's been an interesting mix of jobs for us with both the photography and video sides of the business going really well. From a water based pole dancing class in Milton Keynes to a trade show in Abu Dhabi with some product photography and interior photography mixed in.

To bring the time line up to date since the previous post we filmed some video footage at a factory in Milton Keynes for a corporate video for Holophane Lighting. The finished video is going to be used to show all visitors to the site and we captured some really nice creative angles and used lots of cool camera movements to bring the shoot to life.

Water Pole Dancing!
Next we filmed a charity video at Bardwell School for the Wooden Spoon charity - we film there for free a couple of times a year and edit them a nice video to play at their fund raising events.

Then came the swimming pool based pole dancing class - a first for us - which looks like great fun and a fab way to burn some calories. The next day we did another free charity shoot - this one for Holophane Lighting who celebrated their 125th anniversary with a sponsored walk in Broadway in the Cotswolds to raise funds for Cancer Research. The walk was about four miles and we stopped at the lovely Broadway Tower half way round for a cake and coffee.

A three day trip to Frankfurt followed that where we filmed for two days on the Feilo Sylvania stand at the Light and Build show. We then did a third day of filming for Lux Magazine filming interviews on the Osram stand.

Filming for Feilo Sylvania in Frankfurt
We then had a photoshoot for Kinnarps UK a large office furniture manufacturer at a council HQ in Staines where they had supplied some super new sit stand desks. These are really in at the moment and standing at work brings real health benefits in terms of posture and calories burned.

We then split the crew into two and half of us went off to Abu Dhabi to film and photograph the Lux Live trade show and the other two of us stayed here in the UK and filmed a beautiful video at Kensington Palace for the Historic Royal Palaces. Here they were trialling some candle light against LED replacement candles to see how the gold leaf finishes appeared under each light source.
Charles using a new AEG drill
Awards Winner at Lux Live Abu Dhabi
I won't say who felt they had the best deal but the guys loved Abu Dhabi and the other two had tea and sandwiches at Kensington Palace - both sound pretty good to be honest.

Our photoshoot with AEG drills went really well on a building site in Waterlooville. We worked with the creative team for AEG and their agency and also a great model called Charles who really looked the part. We also shot some product images of the drills in the studio the following day.

To finish off a very busy few weeks we did a large architectural shoot at Lotus Park in Staines for Hilson Moran and we photographed the stunning chapel as Brasenose College in Oxford for LAPD Lighting Design.