Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Medical Detection Dogs

It was a lovely clear but cold day yesterday and perfect winter light for some drone shots. I had promised my friends at the Medical Detection Dogs (a wonderful charity that I volunteer for as a photographer) some drone shots of the work in progress of their new building so I popped along with the Phantom 4 Pro and took some shots.

Medical Detection Dogs HQ
 After the drone shots we took each of the wonderful dogs out into the garden for a quick portrait shoot so there is a good stock of images for when each dog wins the "dog of the week" competition!.

All the dogs have loving foster homes and are dropped off to the centre each day (3-4 days per week so days off too) to do their amazing work of sniffing out cancer in urine samples.

Please visit the website for more information on this really great charity - https://www.medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk/

I love all the dogs but I do have a big soft spot for Bumper - he is a big cuddly Golden Retriever and apparently his deep gold colour if the original colouring for the breed although the light gold is the modern favourite and the most common.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Charity Work and Aerial Photography

Tony and Jane Henman
It's always good to put something back and we represent several charities here at Redshift Photography and this month I have been busy with three of them. I did a shoot for the Freemasons to promote their grant giving work last week when I photographed two senior guys from the Bucks Province at Willen Hospice alongside one of the lovely nurses that work there. The Masons had donated £3,000 to buy a special chair which enables the patients so lay back or sit upright via a motor in the chair itself.

Ride High and the Freemasons

Willen Hospice Chair Donation
Later in the week I took some pictures at Ride High in Milton Keynes which is a splendid charity that helps young people with confidence issues due to bullying or learning difficulties to build their self esteem by learning to ride. Many of the young people make a very close bond with the horses and they gain a tremendous amount from the time they spend at the centre.

Finally today I photographed Tim Henman's Mum and Dad at Medical Detection Dogs in Gt Horwood as they were visiting the centre and had helped to organise a donation of tennis balls for the dogs to play with from the ATP tennis circuit.

Tomorrow I have a shoot with some Chinese diplomats and next week I'm shooting food at a gourmet burger bar - plenty of variety!.