Thursday, 2 June 2016

Awards Ceremonies, Interviews, Office Photography and Genie Lifts - another varied month!

We started May off nicely by shooting some video presentations for Kate Russell at Russell HR in Stony Stratford for their very informative website and Youtube channel - Kate is one of our regular clients and we shoot video updates every other month to keep the content fresh on their website. It's lovely to work so close to home as much of our work involves a lot of travel.

We then had a really busy couple of days covering the Lighting Design Awards in London where we video'd and took stills of the entire event and then worked through the night in our London hotel room to deliver the finished video and stills for 11am the following day!. This involved meeting at the venue in Park Lane at 5pm for the rehearsal, working through until 1am photographing the closing party and then starting the edit in our hotel room at 1.30am. We did it and delivered the final edits on time - great work by Jack and Toni to keep going and I managed to hang in there too doing my bit to help until I fell asleep at 4am!.

Our next glitzy awards job was our 6 monthly shoot for Philips at The Ritz - The Philips Chairman's Awards. I love this job and it's one that I always shoot myself as I get coffee and shortbread upon arrival and a stunning lunch too in a private dining room!. Six employees and their partners get lunch at The Ritz with the Chairman and also a suite in the hotel along with show tickets. A great prize and it's lovely that companies like Philips still reward their staff like this.

Etap Lighting commissioned us to photograph the AB Agri office in Peterborough to capture some classy images of their recessed LED light panels that have been installed and both Toni and I photographed the job together. I like this approach as offices can be difficult to photograph in an interesting way and I like to have two different styles of photography for a project like this as I think the client gets a more interesting set of images. The lighting was a great improvement over the old recessed fluorescent fittings that they had before and we did take a couple of snaps of an un-refurbished floor to show the difference.

Our next shoot captured the handover of a brand new MRI scanner to the Nuffield Hospital in Haywards Heath. The pictures were used on social media and online the next day to showcase the product being commissioned. These machines cost around £1M each and save countless lives so when a new one goes into operation it's worth documenting.

Lastly we took on a shoot over near Royston for a PR company where we photographed a Genie lift in action building a new pop up barn building on a farm. These lifts are really cool as you can ride up in the lift to a good height and drive the machine from the raised position making it easy for one person to work on a roof structure and move around the site without coming back down!. The sun was shining and I was working out in the countryside with some really friendly guys photographing them build a giant "big boys" Mechano set (their words not mine!) using these cool lifts. Not a bad day at the office!.