Sunday, 3 February 2019

Saturday studio time

Hi Everyone

After a busy week taking photographs and shooting video there's nothing I enjoy more at the weekend than...a fun photoshoot in the studio.

Studio Shot 
This might sound like a busman's holiday but it give me a chance to try different lighting set ups and fresh ideas in a non commercial environment. Without the pressure of a client brief it's much easier to relax and play with light and setups.

I shoot two or three personal projects each month too to make sure I keep my ideas to photography fresh and to remind myself why I became a photographer all those years ago - basically because I love taking pictures.

Aston Martin taken with film
For my weekend shoots I still use film and have a Pentax 67 outfit, a Rolleiflex T and some Canon FD and Olympus OM cameras. I also love to buy old cameras from junk shops and try to get some quirky pictures from them.

Screen grab from my short film
Today I've been shooting with an old 1970's Petri rangefinder camera with some Ilford XP2 film and I'm quite pleased with the results. I bought this camera for £25 from an antique shop in Bletchley.
Personal project shot with medium format film

I've also recently written a short film and I've started to shoot this too - I'll post it here once it's finished.

Thanks for checking in on my blog again and please do ask me if you have any questions about photography be it film or digital.

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