Saturday, 5 March 2016

Busy Busy!

Apologies for the delay in getting the new blog entry written up - it's been almost a month since the last one but we've been out shooting video and still nearly every day since then.

On Friday 12th of Feb (the day after the last entry) we filmed a fun little video for Bicester Village at an event at the Farm Shop which was laid on to promote apprenticeships for young people working in retail. The Farm shop is a lovely venue (the coffee and pastries were fab!) and the speakers did very well to engage with the young people there. We took some promotional stills too and we covered the event with just the two crew - David did video and sound while Toni took the stills.

Bicester Village Apprentice Event
Sound can be a challenge for videoing events like this especially with several speakers appearing in fairly quick succession so we used a boom pole with shotgun mic and a hand held Tascam recorded to capture the audio. There wouldn't have been time to fit each speaker with a lavalier mic and the Tascam did a great job.

The video should appear soon on the Bicester Village Youtube channel and I'll paste a link to the blog once it's out.

Jez Rose presenting at the Philips conference
The following week was filled with a mixture of edit days with clients and calls to new contacts in London and a large photo shoot for Philips Lighting and Philips Healthcare. Many of our clients like to come to our edit suite in Milton Keynes for the final edit day so they can leave with the video signed off. This is a great way to work as we can get the edit 85% complete and the final touches and any minor changes can be put in place during the last day. We were very pleased to welcome Castleoak to our office for an attended edit and Jack completed two video's which we had filmed in the previous weeks and which are now signed off.

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The Philips photography was a two day shoot at their joint Lighting and Healthcare conference at the ICC in Birmingham - a venue we work at quite regularly. David and Toni covered the first day together and David stayed on to cover the evening party too and stayed over to photograph the second day too. Conference photography is great fun as the staff are on a high and full of energy and there are usually some great breakout activities going on too. Jez Rose appeared as a guest speaker and it's the second time we've worked with him. He is a fantastic presenter and inspirational speaker and always gets the delegates fired up.

A trip to Edinburgh followed on for David where we were commissioned by Zumtobel Thorn Lighting to photograph an indoor golf school. The entire building was illuminated by Thorn and the lighting levels were superb throughout. As with most new building these days nearly all of the lighting products are LED based so provide a crisp white light and save loads of energy at the same time.

Kirsty Groves Presenting
We had an exciting meeting earlier this week at Kensington Palace regarding a potential documentary video and as an added bonus we were treated to a quick look around the museum there - well worth a visit!. This would be a fabulous short film to make so we are keeping our fingers crossed here and hope to post some good news in the coming week or so once we've heard back.

On Thursday we filmed a three hour presentation for Kinnarps UK and the new WWF HQ in Woking and we had a crew of four for this job covering sound, video and stills photography. We're busy editing the video right now and we're half way through completing the stills edit too although we've popped a picture in here of Kirsty Groves presenting at the conference which is still warm from Lightroom!.

To complete a very busy couple of weeks David Jack and Matt spent yesterday at Feilo Sylvania's London HQ videoing a sales event with several presenters, with the crew split between the main presentation and some informal interviews of the speakers once they were finished in a separate room.

Thanks for reading this and for following the blog and see you next time!.