Thursday, 15 February 2018

Charity Work and Aerial Photography

Tony and Jane Henman
It's always good to put something back and we represent several charities here at Redshift Photography and this month I have been busy with three of them. I did a shoot for the Freemasons to promote their grant giving work last week when I photographed two senior guys from the Bucks Province at Willen Hospice alongside one of the lovely nurses that work there. The Masons had donated £3,000 to buy a special chair which enables the patients so lay back or sit upright via a motor in the chair itself.

Ride High and the Freemasons

Willen Hospice Chair Donation
Later in the week I took some pictures at Ride High in Milton Keynes which is a splendid charity that helps young people with confidence issues due to bullying or learning difficulties to build their self esteem by learning to ride. Many of the young people make a very close bond with the horses and they gain a tremendous amount from the time they spend at the centre.

Finally today I photographed Tim Henman's Mum and Dad at Medical Detection Dogs in Gt Horwood as they were visiting the centre and had helped to organise a donation of tennis balls for the dogs to play with from the ATP tennis circuit.

Tomorrow I have a shoot with some Chinese diplomats and next week I'm shooting food at a gourmet burger bar - plenty of variety!.

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