Friday, 19 January 2018

Food Photography and Trains in Norwich

British Bakels

We had a very enjoyable day photographing cakes and bread at the British Bakels baking center in Bicester. I used three Godox AD180 flashes with a special high speed flash trigger to capture the action as the flour and chocolate toppings were added. Toni my colleague kept a keen eye on the compositions spotting any background clutter that I might have missed through the viewfinder and helped to move the lighting around. The shoot lasted around 6 hours with a break for a lovely lunch kindly supplied by the guys from Bakels and the day was a great success. We are currently post processing the final selected images but I have dropped in a couple of my personal favourites here.

Crown Point Depot
I also photographed Crown Point railway depot this week which was a treat for me as I love trains (I am not a spotter by the way!) and the focus of the shoot was the new LED lighting supplied by UK lighting manufacturer Carbon8 who manufacture a range of industrial lighting products. The shoot was great fun and I even managed to get a shot on top of a scaffolding overlooking the engines in the repair shed.

Nest week we have some street lighting to photograph in Oxford and we are doing a food shoot for an artisan bakery so more nice food shots to come!.

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